Singles/For A CD Photo Shoot - $100.00 - shoot includes:
- CD containing 10 pictures of your choice
*Note: This package is for 1 person only. Instead of receiving your pictures on CD, you can have them sent to you via email.

Shoot For Parties or Special Events - $75.00 per per hour - shoot includes:
- CD of entire Event

Portraits For Family For a CD Photo Shoot
Rates start at $200 in the studio...or $250 if shot on-location. You will receive a release form authorizing printing.
- 1 hour Shoot
- CD of entire Event


Special Packages

1. Package Plan Photo Shoot for $250 includes:
- Photo Shoot with 3 or 4 outfits
- CD of Photo Shoot

2. Package Plan Photo Shoot for $300 includes:
- *Photo Shoot with 5 or 6 outfits
- CD of Photo Shoot

*Note: There is a $50 charge for each additional outfit/look if requested on shoot day..

There will be a Special Package Discount charge of $50 if a Make-up Artist (MUA).is requested, OR
Price will be determinded by the MUA based on the type of shoot.


Taken For CD (TFCD) Shoot - TFCD is when the photographer is looking
for a specific look, and shoots a model under that statis. In return the model
will receive a copy of the actual shoot on CD. Any photos that the model request special
editing on, see advanced editing information below.


"limited Time Only"
Package Plan Shoot for (ONLY....$275) which includes:
- Photo Shoot with 4 outfits
- MUA included

- Your copy of Photo Shoot on CD or DVD



There’s a $15 charge for each edited photo requested


Professional Make-Up Artist (MUA) and Hair Stylist:
Belinda (Ms. B) - Esther-S - Constance-S - Josetta L